February 19, 2017

Home Buying Kit For Dummies

America’s #1 bestselling home buying guide Are you looking to buy a house, but don’t quite know where to begin? Have no fear! This new edition […]
February 15, 2017

How to Make Huge Profits Buying and Selling Real Estate: Learn what it takes to identify and purchase properties with high resale value and selling them for a huge profit.

Have you ever dreamed of having the financial freedom to quit your job?  Or never have to worry about paying bills or making ends meet?  Living […]
February 11, 2017

The Insider’s Guide to Buying Real Estate

Updated for 2012, the second edition of this best-seller will help you get the best possible deal on your home or investment property. Having worked as […]
February 9, 2017

Land Buying Tips From the Pros: How to Buy Rural Real Estate

No two tracts of land are the same. Buying timberland is not the same as buying farm land. Buying a wooded recreational tract is not the […]
February 8, 2017

Real Estate 100: The Teen Home Buying Experience

This is the FIRST TEEN real estate book teaching young readers the basics of real estate concepts. “Real Estate 100: The Teen Home Buying Experience” is a short and insightful […]
February 5, 2017

Buying Small Apartment Buildings: Become a Successful Real Estate Investor by Owning Duplexes, Triplexes and Quads

Every month, I get a check in the mail, and it’s not my paycheck – it’s income from my investment properties. That’s on top of the […]
February 3, 2017

The Complete Guide to Buying a Second Home or Real Estate in Mexico: Insider Secrets You Need to Know

More than a million Americans own second homes in Mexico, according to the National Association of Realtors. As home prices in the U.S. hit record highs, […]
January 31, 2017

Real Estate Action 2.0 | Buying Real Estate? Understanding is Easy… Doing it is the Challenge: Ozzie Jurock And 47 Action Takers Share Their Secrets

THE ULTIMATE SECRET? GET INTO ACTION! JUST DO IT! In this book, well-known real estate expert and best selling author Ozzie Jurock brings together 47 real […]
January 31, 2017

BUYING FLORIDA REAL ESTATE-Your Guide to Florida Property Investment for Global Buyers: Owning, Investing and Enjoying the Florida Lifestyle

How to Bathe in the Florida Sunshine Without Getting Burnt! Warning: This book is anything BUT a dull, uninformative or uninspiring business book. If you are […]
January 28, 2017

Buying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit

FREE $1,595 Quick-Start Real Estate Success Program! See page 217 for details. Buy Real Estate Without Cash or Credit! Imagine having two multi-millionaires take you by […]