February 18, 2017

Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors

This book cuts through the confusion that pervades today’s real estate investor’s understanding of asset protection. It provides in-depth, easy to understand analysis of different asset […]
February 18, 2017

The 7 Essential Habits of Wealthy Real Estate Investors

In Joe Neilson’s first book, the bestselling Buy & Rent Foreclosures, Joe told of his search in 2005 for steady monthly income and outlined his path […]
February 17, 2017

Real Estate Investors Investing in Lease Options

"Real Estate Investors Investing in Lease Options" teaches real estate investors and those interested in learning to invest in real estate how to control properties with […]
February 16, 2017

Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Flipping Bank-Owned Properties: How to Wholesale REOs for Maximum Profit 2013 Edition

Want to make money in real estate with no money and no experience? A lot has changed in the last year in real estate investment. I’ve […]
February 14, 2017

The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs: The Investor’s Guide to Defining Your Renovation Plan, Building Your Budget, and Knowing Exactly How Much It All Costs (BiggerPockets Presents…)

Are you a real estate investor still trying to figure out the complex process of creating a renovation plan and estimating rehab costs for your projects? […]
February 13, 2017

The Real Estate Investor’s Tax Strategy Guide: Maximize tax benefits and write-offs, Implement money-saving strategies…Avoid costly mistakes,,Protect your investment.. Build your wealth

What’s Section 1031? How does it help property investment? Who qualifies for its benefits? These are the answers serious real estate investors must know – and […]
February 13, 2017

The Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Road Map to Financial Wealth

You can now discover how to make money investing in commercial buildings, warehouses, apartments, mobile home parks, shopping centers, hotels, and other commercial income property. This […]
February 12, 2017

Power Negotiations for Real Estate Investors (Cash Flow Depot Books)

Being able to negotiate is one of the highest paid skills in the world. Power Negotiations shows you successful concepts and techniques used by the pros […]
February 10, 2017

Real Estate Investors Marketing For Private Money

"Real Estate Investors Marketing For Private Money" teaches real estate investors how to effectively advertise and attract private money lenders. Private money loans allow a real […]
February 8, 2017

Real Estate Investors: Draft Your Own Dream Team: Working With Contractors and Service Providers

"Draft Your Own Dream Team" is a quick summary of the important external team players to have involved with a successful real estate investing business. If […]
February 7, 2017

Guerilla Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Do you want more buyers for your real estate deals? Do you want to get more money to do more deals? Do you want to get […]
February 7, 2017

Real Estate Investor’s Guide: Using Facebook to Generate Leads, Flip Properties & Make Money

A message from the author: These are methods that I am using right now to find qualified buyer leads for investment real estate. This blueprint is […]
February 7, 2017

Real Estate Investor’s Checklist

Get the best deal every time–whether you’re buying, managing, or selling